(re)capitulare ~A.

1150284_518692528222294_586560713_nîn 1978

Cred că amintirile continuă să fie unica `posesie` activă care ne poate ține cont:); om fi noi viii care clamăm una/alta în pustie versus univers, ăia care ne abatem constanți în lipsa noastră de noi, ăia care vrînd și-atît vînd vînt..

cu voia/ (nevoia mea) , dragelor/ dragilor..

Misha Gordin






Crowd #2, 1988.

To break through stillness of a fear
To walk through gates of brutal fate
To raise a monument of sorrow
To cruelty of human race




Crowd #2, 1988.

Like fear looming from the somber sky317118_143465342411683_3654164_n
Comes vision of the faceless crowd
Bound in a tears of sweat
In endless corridors of labor.









300767_151719044919646_1660767553_nCrowd #15, 1989

The Beasts of Guilt
The Vultures of a Soul
The Carriers of the Torch
The Anchors to the Past








The secret of a wounded soul
The verdict on the walls of sorrow
Seep through the scars of loss
Restrained by dikes of will.314906_153415484750002_531716706_n

The sadness of the song
Trapped by the strings of guilt
When day declines to rise
Who is to blame..









301378_156337811124436_1321110814_nCrowd #17, 1989.

Like arrow of a blinding light
Like gust of vigorous desire
Like compass of unbending will
Comes sudden movement in a still.








Crowd #8, 1988.319208_158790590879158_1535067007_n

In unity of dream and real
From darkest corners of the heart
Like shadow from the murky past
Emerges call for a lonely prayer.







Crowd #18, 1989.

300872_162127947212089_1831575863_nAlone in the cruel world
Alone with an echo of thoughts
Alone like a beast in a saint
Alone and the sound is deaf
Alone to absorb the light
Alone in a mothers womb.






Crowd #19, 1989.

In harmony of sound and silence
Like play of fire and the wind
The dialogue of art and mastery of touch.308219_165213640236853_241963362_n













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